Join our team! Seattle Subway is currently looking to fill two positions to join us in the fight for light rail in the Seattle region: University of Washington Chapter Lead(s)
Climate Change Outreach Volunteer(s)

Seattle Subway

The Seattle Traffic Problem

  • Wasted Time

    Think of what you could do with the time you spend sitting in traffic, stuck behind an open bridge, and looking for parking.

  • Rising Costs

    The price of fuel, parking, tolls, and maintaining an automobile continues to increase, putting more strain on our wallets.

  • Limited Resources

    Building more roads is not an option; there simply isn’t any room. Traffic will continue to increase, hurting our communities and our environment.

The Seattle Traffic Solution

  • Save Time

    A subway can carry passengers quickly and efficiently underneath those surface obstacles that delay our current commute.

  • Save Money

    Mass transit is more economical than driving. Less fuel, less personal auto upkeep, less in parking fees.

  • Save Resources

    Preserve our neighborhoods and their views by moving transit underground. Reduce the need for parking, as well as your carbon footprint by leaving your car at home.

The Seattle Traffic Solution