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2020 Georgia Special Senate Election

President-elect Joe Biden has given us at Seattle Subway hope that federal investment in transit is now very much on the table.  Details are emerging about his infrastructure plan, from his campaign site:

Transit: Provide every American city with 100,000 or more residents with high-quality, zero-emissions public transportation options through flexible federal investments with strong labor protections that create good, union jobs and meet the needs of these cities – ranging from light rail networks to improving existing transit and bus lines to installing infrastructure for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Seattle Subway is extremely supportive of these goals. Seattle would be at the top of the list of cities to win funding for light rail transit. That said, transit investment is unlikely to make it through a process that requires collaboration with an obstructionist Republican Senate. The last time a Democratic President had a Republican controlled Senate, Republicans had only one goal: Block anything that President Obama wanted to do. They were largely successful. Furthermore, the Trump administration was brazenly anti-transit, gutting funding for transit in favor of roads and highways.

That’s why we’re taking the unusual step of endorsing candidates in the Georgia runoff elections that will decide control of the US Senate. Though very few who read this will be able to vote in that election, we believe supporting the campaigns of Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff is the very best thing you can do to support federal transit investment in your own community. You can also support organizations that are helping people get registered and vote such as Fair Fight and the New Georgia Project.
Your donation of time and/or money could make a huge difference for transit in Seattle and across the country. Support Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff for US Senate.